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Rejuvenation and Radiant Appearance - Our treatments have an immediate and long-lasting effect.


Unique massages and treatments - give your body more vitality and resilience.

High tech treatments

Effective treatments for your radiant appearance - we use exclusive and highly efficient devices.

We are the exclusive partner of Biologique Recherche in Vienna and were trained in Paris for products and treatments.
Our cosmetologists are trained exceptionally on all Biologique Recherche care products and treatment techniques for the face and body in combination with highly efficient devices. All treatments are carried out with effective and clinically proven cosmetic products.
Whether tightening, refining the complexion, shaping and lifting the skin – our beauty institute offers everything in one house.

Passionate Cosmetologists

Our team of cosmetologists has many years of experience with the latest cosmetic treatments as well as medical cosmetic treatments.
We offer complete packages, from anti-aging treatments, to facial cleansing, to the treatment of dermatoses such as couperose or rosacea.
Clinically tested devices and innovative techniques help achieve immediate results.
Whether facials, anti cellulite massages, body treatments, laser hair removal or endermologie – we examine, advise, treat and offer you the appropriate skin care products.

Cosmetologists who adapt to the individual needs and wishes of our customers.
Our customers leave the beauty salon with radiantly beautiful and healthy skin.


The methodology of Biologique Recherche treatments requires an individual skin analysis.
Upon examining the current skin condition, we recommend appropriate facials and care products.

Skin diagnostics

skin instant® lab for a detailed skin analysis including product recommendations to improve your complexion. We recommend skin diagnostics before the first facial in order to achieve the best result for you: MORE
Treatment duration: 20 min. Price: € 55

Your personal skin couture program from Biologique Recherche

Skin Couture One Month begins with the analysis of your skin using the skin instant® lab. This special device measures the elasticity, moisture, sebum and pigment content of the skin as well as a number of chemical parameters. Together with the answer sheet about lifestyle preferences, the results are sent to to Paris, where they are analyzed by scientists and doctors in the Biologique Recherche laboratories. Based on the results, this team of experts creates an individual skin couture care series. Two creams and eight serums – the labels of the jars and bottles are personalized with the name of the customer – as well as detailed instructions on how to use them are sent to the customer so that they can start the one-month treatment immediately.

Price: upon request

Biologique Recherche

Soin Lift C.V.S

A non-invasive facelift with an immediate and long-lasting effect. The unique bio-growth complex gently exfoliates the skin, regenerates the skin structure and supplies it with moisture. The modulating techniques used by Biologique Recherche redefine contours, firm the shape of your face and achieve a lasting lifting effect. For smooth, nourished and radiant skin.
Treatment duration: 50 min.    Price: € 120

Soin Lift C.V.S + Remodeling Face

The combination of these two lifting techniques ensure a longer lasting lift of your skin and improvement of the skin structure.
Treatment duration: 60 min.    Price: € 145
Treatment duration: 80 min.    Price: € 165

Soin Lift C.V.S + P50 Visage

Facelift and regeneration of the skin, to firm your face and improve your complexion.
Treatment duration: 75 min.    Price: € 160

Soin Restructurant et Lissant

Excellent anti-stress treatment for the face, neck and décolleté. Based on a treatment with smoothing massage and the concentrated two-phase preparation “Soin Restructurant et Lissant”, which is a complex of omega-3-6 acids and natural active ingredients for moistening and regeneration. The perfect care for every season.
Treatment duration: 50 min.    Price: € 120

Soin Restructruant et Lissant + Remodeling Face

Increases the repair capacity of your skin and lifting effect.
Treatment duration: 60 min.    Price: € 145
Treatment duration: 80 min.    Price: € 165

Soin MC110

A plumping treatment for normal and devitalized skin to define the shape of your face. Treatment with immediate smoothing, firming and moisturizing effects. The basis of this care is the unique MC 110 lotion, which contains microorganisms from the sea and is applied to the face, neck and décolleté using a special massage technique.
Treatment duration: 50 min.    Price: € 120

Soin MC110 + Remodeling Face

Plumping treatment and lifting effect in one.
Treatment duration: 60 min.    Price: € 145

Soin Biosensible

For the stabilization of particularly sensitive skin and for the treatment of skin symptoms such as couperose or rosacea. The soothing effect on the face and décolleté gives your skin the additional shine.
Treatment duration: 60 min.    Price: € 130

Soin Biovecteur Marin

Revitalization of your skin through leaves rich in algae extracts, which are adapted to the facial structure. Permanent firming, rejuvenation and toning.
Treatment duration: 60 min.    Price: € 170

Soin P50 Visage

Peeling and regeneration treatment for an irregular micro-profile to improve the complexion. Even tone and luminous skin.
Treatment duration: 50 min.    Price: € 120

Soin Micro-Puncture

This treatment causes a self-induced inflammatory reaction to activate the skin’s regeneration process and improve the quality of the epidermis. The regeneration is accelerated by selected biological active substances. The effect of the treatment is immediately visible after the first treatment.    MORE
Treatment duration: 60 min.    Price: € 210

Biologique Feerie Treatment

This intensive treatment firms, smooths wrinkles and redefines the facial contour. The application of MC 110 booster and a collagen mask will make your face shine.
Treatment duration: 60 min.    Price: € 160

Oxygénante VIPO2 Facial

The perfect combination of micro peeling, oxygenation and bioenergy massages. For a radiant and soft skin.
Treatment duration: 50 min.    Price: € 135

Vernix Regeneration Treatment

The new Vernix formula to strengthen sun or stress damaged skin. Better regeneration and optimization of the epidermis.
Treatment duratio: 50 min.    Price: € 145

Red Carpet Treatment „Seconde Peau“

The anti-aging facial treatment as an alternative to the injection, using hyaluronic acid patches and defining the facial contours using Micro-Puncture.
It is an intensively regenerating treatment that, thanks to its effect on the extracellular matrix, also speeds up the healing process. It makes the signs of age disappear, offers visible and immediate tightening, accelerates cell renewal and redefines facial contours with the Micro-Puncture treatment.
This exceptional anti-aging facial is a real alternative to fillers, visibly lifting and treating signs of aging. The skin structure is smoothed and the natural radiance restored.
Treatment duration: 60 min.    Price: € 240

Sebo-regulating Facial

A treatment that regulates sebum secretion, cleanses the pores and firms the skin. Brightens, unifies, detoxifies, accelerates the healing of blemishes.
Treatment duration: 60 min.    Price: € 130

Facial Masque aux Acides de Fruits

Fruit acid peeling and regeneration treatment for dull and exhausted skin, for smoothing and refining the complexion.
Treatment duration: 50 min.    Price: € 130

Triple Lift

Intensive anti-aging treatment: filling and lifting with two boosters, firming and definition of facial contours with the Remodeling Face technology.
Treatment duration: 90 min.    Price: € 300

Additional Treatments

Remodeling Face

An expanding bioelectronic treatment with three types of current and radio frequency waves, for regeneration and tightening of the face, neck and décolleté with a direct effect on texture and volume. Reduction of dark circles and the lifting effect is immediately visible and long-lasting. MORE
Treatment duration: 30 min. Price: € 45

Cold Mask

This treatment can be combined well with existing facials. This mask has a calming effect on your skin. The mask has a soothing and cooling effect on your skin.
Price: € 35

Masque au Collagene Caviar

A biomatrix made from high-quality collagen that adapts to your face like a second skin. This moisturizing luxury care has a smoothing and calming effect on demanding skin.
Treatment duration: 30 min.    Price: € 55

Further Treatments

Deep Cleansing Facial

Deep Cleansing Facial Basic
This deep facial cleansing removes impurities from your skin. A single treatment can visibly remove acne and blemishes. The incomparable facial for an acne-free complexion and fine pores.
Treatment duration: 60-80 min.      Price: € 130
Deep Cleansing Facial Deluxe
This facial uses pore-deep facial cleansing to treat acne and blemishes as mentioned above. The application of a special light therapy ensures an even and radiant complexion.
Treatment duration: 60-80 min        Price: € 149

Joëlle Ciocco Buccal Massage

The Buccal Massage is a unique anti-aging method for your face. Our skin expert was trained personally by Joëlle Ciocco, a French cosmetologist and biochemist.
This manual massage technique is the deepest massage among the existing treatment methods.
The lifting effect is achieved by increasing the muscle tone on the face. The Buccal Massage is carried out on the inside of the oral cavity (only with gloves). This is how the large facial muscles that shape the facial contour and cheeks are treated.
Results are already visible after the first treatment and are consolidated after 5-6 applications: raising of labial angle, repositioning the cheeks and facial contours, smoothing the nasolabial folds, treating ptosis, radiant and fresh complexion.

Treatment duration: 60 min.     Price: € 162

Face Contouring Massage

Face Contouring Massage
This extraordinary facial massage lifts facial muscles and smoothens wrinkles. The effect of this intensive massage is enhanced by means of lymphatic drainage and a Biologique Recherche mask. This leads to an incomparable anti-aging effect.

Prevention of osteoporosis, improved innervation of cranial and facial nerves, promotion of blood circulation and definition of the jaw and cheekbones – for youthful facial contours.
Treatment duration: 60 min.      Price: € 145

Body Treatments

We apply advanced and proven body treatments to give your body more vitality and tone.
Relax, smooth, tighten, lift or shape – we have the right treatment for you.

Soin Lift C.V.S Corps

The unique Lift Corps treatment from Biologique Recherche aims to reshape the silhouette and increase skin elasticity. The treatment package includes peeling, skin renewal and a Bio-Reflex massage. This is a special technique that improves microcirculation, which tightens the skin and contributes to the fact that the active ingredients penetrate deeper into the skin. The result is a flawless silhouette and firm, smooth skin.
Treatment duration: 60 min.    Price: € 145

Soin Booster Minceur

This ultimate treatment targets stubborn fat deposits and prepares the effect of slimming. Biologique Recherche has developed a complementary mix of two products: Booster Minceur Liquid with a high content of cleaning agents and Booster Minceur Powder formulated with two enzymes, which act on the adipose tissue when activated. In combination with stimulating massage techniques, the skin is supplied with oxygen, effective shaping is enabled and the effect of the products used is enhanced.
Treatment duration: 60 min.    Price: € 130

Soin Minceur aux Algues

A vitality and anti-stress treatment in case of stress or changing seasons. The algae gel pack in combination with essential oils contains oxygen and has a tightening and detoxifying effect.
Treatment duration: 60 min.    Price: € 130

Anti C Massage

Massage treatment for a slimmer figure and treatment of cellulite. Massage with essential oils and plant complexes, for drainage, detoxification and firming of the skin.
Treatment duration: 60 min.    Price: € 95

Body Wraps

Professional body wraps to reduce weight and waist size. Treatment possible for chest, arms, abdomen, legs and glutes.
Treatment duration: 60 min.    Price: € 95

Chest Treatment

A tightening and firming treatment especially for the chest. It is combined with Lift C.V.S Corps – a special massage technique – and Remodeling Body – a device that gently stimulates and firms the skin.
Treatment duration: 45 min.    Price: € 95

High tech treatments

State-of-the-art devices allow us to carry out cosmetic treatments faster and more efficiently.
Let your face and body appear in new splendor – results are visible immediately after the treatments.

VIP Line Plus

This unique treatment gives you the luxury body you have always dreamed of – without any exercise or dieting.
Fat removal – 2 zone treatment
Single treatment 50 min.    Price: € 90
Block of 10; 50 min.            Price: € 820
Firm buttocks – treatment for a bootylicious butt
Single treatment  25 min.   Price: € 50
Block of 10; 25 min.            Price: € 480
VIP Line Plus can be perfectly combined with LPG, Endosphères Therapy and the Icoone Laser. We would be happy to advise you personally on the appropriate treatment methods.

Micro-Puncture Lab

This treatment causes a self-induced inflammatory reaction to activate the skin’s regeneration process and improve the quality of the epidermis. The regeneration is accelerated by means of selected biological active substances. The effect is immediately visible after the first treatment.    MORE
Treatment duration: 60 min.    Price: € 210

Ultraformer 3

A unique device for non-invasive skin tightening and contouring for the face, neck and body. Using high-intensity micro and macro-focused ultrasound (MMFU), thermocoagulation zones are created and cause contraction of the tissue without directly affecting the epidermis or perforating it    MORE

Complete face Price: € 780
Face & lower chin Price: € 900
Face & Neck Price: € 1100
Forehead Price: € 260
Eye area Price: € 190
Nasolabial folds Price: € 190
Lower half of the face Price: € 540
Lower chin Price: € 300
Neck Price: € 460
Décolleté Price: € 540



Hydrafacial is a unique hydra dermabrasion treatment that combines cleaning, exfoliation, hydration and antioxidant protection at the same time, resulting in a clear and beautiful complexion with little or no downtime. Additional light therapy and lymphatic drainage complete the treatment result. The treatment should be repeated every month so that you can enjoy a permanently improved complexion.    MORE
HydraFacial® Bronze
The ultimate boost for your complexion. Cleansing and gentle peeling remove blemishes. Regenerating antioxidants and moisturizing hyaluronic acid are applied and completed with Cold Mask and day care.
Treatment duration: 60 min.     Price: € 149
HydraFacial® Silber
A non-invasive and intensively regenerating treatment that works directly against fine lines, impurities and wrinkles. Pigment spots are balanced, the pores are reduced and an even complexion is achieved. This treatment is particularly recommended for skin prone to acne.
Treatment duration: 60 min.    Price: € 160
(with visible facial cleansing)
HydraFacial® Gold
A unique intensive care for face, neck and décolleté. The lymphatic drainage on the face accelerates the removal of lymphatic congestion and waste products, an anti-aging boost refines your complexion.
Treatment duration: 90 min.    Price: € 220

Diode laser

The high-performance diode laser represents the most modern technology for permanent hair removal. The best technology that everyone trusts: it is efficient, reliable, safe and suitable for all skin types. MORE
Please shave the night before! Waxing is not allowed 3 weeks before treatment.

Upper lip Price: € 40
Chin Price: € 45
Cheek Price: € 55
Upper lip and chin……… Price: € 65
Upper lip + chin + cheek Price: € 105
Complete face Price: € 115


Arms & Hands
Complete arms………….. Price: € 110
Armpits Price: € 65
Upper arm Price: € 120
Forearms Price: € 70
Hands Price: € 60


Upper Body
Neck Price: € 70
Shoulders Price: € 125
Chest Price: € 140
Abdomen Price: € 130
Back Price: € 255
Back & Shoulders Price: € 340
Chest & abdomen……… Price: € 250


Lower Body
Bikini area Price: € 65
Buttocks Price: € 75
Complete intimate area Price: € 120
Thighs Price: € 120
Lower leg Price: € 120
Complete legs Price: € 219


Special offer:
Lower leg +
complete intimate area +
armpits € 275
Complete body:
Complete legs +
complete intimate area +
Battycrease + armpits +
arms complete +
upper lip and chin € 610


LPG Alliance

Fitness program for your skin! The mechanical stimulation of the cells, the so-called endermologie®, enables the stimulation of cell activity in a natural way, without pain.

Treatment of all problem areas possible – reduction of fat deposits, smoothing of cellulite and tightening of the skin.
One-off suit:     Price: € 30
One-time treatment:
50 min.    Price: € 95
Block of 5:
50 min.    5 x € 90    Price: € 450
Block of 10:
50 min.    10 x € 80    Price: € 800
Block of 15:
50 min.    15 x € 79    Price: € 1185
Block of 20 + 1 free:
50 min.    21 x € 75    Price: € 1575
Block of 5:
75 min.    5 x € 120    Price: € 600


Endosphères therapy is a unique non-invasive treatment in the field of silhouette correction. Elimination of cellulite in all stages is possible as well as circumference reduction by 1-2 clothing sizes. Vibration and compression result in deep drainage, which improve microcirculation and stimulate blood circulation.    MORE
One-time treatment:
50 min.    Price: € 115
Block of 10:
50 min.    Price: € 820
Block of 10 whole body:
75 min.    Price: € 950

Stellar M22™ IPL

Stellar M22™ IPL MORE

Forever Young
Stimulation of collagen production for a smooth skin and smaller pores
Price: € 260
Hollywood Glow
Treatment of pigment disorders for a radiant skin
Price: € 320
Anti Redness
Treatment of rosacea and couperose for a matt and healthy complexion
Price: € 260
Clear Face
Reduction of acne and acne scars for a clear and smooth skin
Price: € 260

Biologique Recherche Cosmetologists

The world-famous French brand Biologique Recherche contains natural ingredients in high concentrations.
Individual approaches, unique components and exclusive massage techniques ensure an immediate effect.
Our cosmetologists are thoroughly trained in unique Biologique Recherche applications.
If you haven’t tried Biologique Recherche yet, then it’s about time! Your skin will appreciate it.
Our cosmetic studio specializes in Biologique Recherche products and treatments.
With the aim of offering our customers the most effective facial and body treatments.
Regular training at Biologique Recherche in Paris – all of our cosmetologists – make our beauty salon one of the most exclusive in Vienna.
Our cosmetologists offer luxury treatments
and original Biologique Recherche care products.
Everything from one source in our beauty salon.

Beauty Clinic Team

A qualified team that you can trust.



Our specialist for Biologique Recherche treatment methods with many years of experience and ongoing training at Biologique Recherche in Paris. Buccal massage training with Joëlle Ciocco in Paris, training in Seoul for the use of Ultraformer and medical training for facial cleansing even for very difficult cases.




Many years of experience with Biologique Recherche treatments and ongoing training at Biologique Recherche in Paris. Specializations: Body Treatments, Anti-C Massage, LPG Alliance, Endosphères, Korugi Massage, Chiro Massage.




Many years of experience with Biologique Recherche treatments and ongoing training at Biologique Recherche in Paris. Specializations: Biologique Recherche treatments, skin diagnostics, remodeling face & micro-puncture, laser hair removal, hydrafacial.




Many years of experience with Biologique Recherche treatments and ongoing training at Biologique Recherche in Paris. Specializations: Biologique Recherche treatments, skin diagnostics, remodeling face & micro-puncture and hydrafacial.





Exclusive cosmetic treatments

The devices we use are carefully selected. We use only innovative and clinically tested devices. We are offering our customers the best of the best. Our cosmetic studio uses Hydrafacial, Endospheres, LPG and Hifu, among others – award-winning devices for effective and safe treatments.    More

The Buccal Massage is an exceptionally effective treatment. Our beauticians were trained directly by the French cosmetologist and biochemist Joëlle Ciocco in Paris. This method of raising mouth corners and shaping the contours of the face is completely non-invasive.

Anti cellulite massages are carried out manually and with appropriate equipment. After the first treatment you will see results of success. With our cosmetologists every move is perfect, come and see for yourself! Satisfied customers are our best reference.

What makes our beauty salon so special?

  • Cosmetologists with years of experience
  • Exclusive Biologique Recherche partner in Vienna
  • Treatments with immediate and long-lasting effects
  • Continuous education in internationally recognized institutes

Our products

Excellent care products for radiant and healthy skin.


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