The methodology of Biologique Recherche treatments requires an individual skin analysis.
Upon examining the current skin condition, we recommend appropriate facials and care products.

Skin diagnostics

skin instant® lab for a detailed skin analysis including product recommendations to improve your complexion. We recommend skin diagnostics before the first facial in order to achieve the best result for you:  MORE
Treatment duration: 20 min.     Price: € 40

Your personal skin couture program from Biologique Recherche

Skin Couture One Month begins with the analysis of your skin using the skin instant® lab. This special device measures the elasticity, moisture, sebum and pigment content of the skin as well as a number of chemical parameters. Together with the answer sheet about lifestyle preferences, the results are sent to to Paris, where they are analyzed by scientists and doctors in the Biologique Recherche laboratories. Based on the results, this team of experts creates an individual skin couture care series. Two creams and eight serums – the labels of the jars and bottles are personalized with the name of the customer – as well as detailed instructions on how to use them are sent to the customer so that they can start the one-month treatment immediately.

Price: upon request

Biologique Recherche

Soin Lift C.V.S

A non-invasive facelift with an immediate and long-lasting effect. The unique bio-growth complex gently exfoliates the skin, regenerates the skin structure and supplies it with moisture. The modulating techniques used by Biologique Recherche redefine contours, firm the shape of your face and achieve a lasting lifting effect. For smooth, nourished and radiant skin.
Treatment duration: 50 min.      Price: € 120

Soin Lift C.V.S + Remodeling Face

The combination of these two lifting techniques ensure a longer lasting lift of your skin and improvement of the skin structure.
Treatment duration: 60 min.      Price: € 140
Treatment duration: 80 min.      Price: € 165

Soin Lift C.V.S + P50 Visage

Facelift and regeneration of the skin, to firm your face and improve your complexion.
Treatment duration: 75 min.      Price: € 160

Soin Restructurant et Lissant

Excellent anti-stress treatment for the face, neck and décolleté. Based on a treatment with smoothing massage and the concentrated two-phase preparation “Soin Restructurant et Lissant”, which is a complex of omega-3-6 acids and natural active ingredients for moistening and regeneration. The perfect care for every season.
Treatment duration: 50 min.      Price: € 120

Soin Restructruant et Lissant + Remodeling Face

Increases the repair capacity of your skin and lifting effect.
Treatment duration: 60 min.      Price: € 140
Treatment duration: 80 min.      Price: € 165

Soin MC110

A plumping treatment for normal and devitalized skin to define the shape of your face. Treatment with immediate smoothing, firming and moisturizing effects. The basis of this care is the unique MC 110 lotion, which contains microorganisms from the sea and is applied to the face, neck and décolleté using a special massage technique.
Treatment duration: 50 min.      Price: € 120

Soin MC110 + Remodeling Face

Plumping treatment and lifting effect in one.
Treatment duration: 60 min.      Price: € 140

Soin Biosensible

For the stabilization of particularly sensitive skin and for the treatment of skin symptoms such as couperose or rosacea. The soothing effect on the face and décolleté gives your skin the additional shine.
Treatment duration: 60 min.      Price: € 130

Soin Biovecteur Marin

Revitalization of your skin through leaves rich in algae extracts, which are adapted to the facial structure. Permanent firming, rejuvenation and toning.
Treatment duration: 60 min.      Price: € 170

Soin P50 Visage

Peeling and regeneration treatment for an irregular micro-profile to improve the complexion. Even tone and luminous skin.
Treatment duration: 50 min.      Price: € 120

Soin Micro-Puncture

This treatment causes a self-induced inflammatory reaction to activate the skin’s regeneration process and improve the quality of the epidermis. The regeneration is accelerated by selected biological active substances. The effect of the treatment is immediately visible after the first treatment.    MORE
Treatment duration: 60 min.        Price: € 210

Biologique Feerie Treatment

This intensive treatment firms, smooths wrinkles and redefines the facial contour. The application of MC 110 booster and a collagen mask will make your face shine.
Treatment duration: 60 min.         Price: € 160

Oxygénante VIPO2 Facial

The perfect combination of micro peeling, oxygenation and bioenergy massages. For a radiant and soft skin.
Treatment duration: 50 min.      Price: € 135

Vernix Regeneration Treatment

The new Vernix formula to strengthen sun or stress damaged skin. Better regeneration and optimization of the epidermis.
Treatment duratio: 50 min.      Price: € 145

Red Carpet Treatment „Seconde Peau“

The anti-aging facial treatment as an alternative to the injection, using hyaluronic acid patches and defining the facial contours using Micro-Puncture.
It is an intensively regenerating treatment that, thanks to its effect on the extracellular matrix, also speeds up the healing process. It makes the signs of age disappear, offers visible and immediate tightening, accelerates cell renewal and redefines facial contours with the Micro-Puncture treatment.
This exceptional anti-aging facial is a real alternative to fillers, visibly lifting and treating signs of aging. The skin structure is smoothed and the natural radiance restored.
Treatment duration: 60 min.      Price: € 240

Sebo-regulating Facial

A treatment that regulates sebum secretion, cleanses the pores and firms the skin. Brightens, unifies, detoxifies, accelerates the healing of blemishes.
Treatment duration: 60 min.      Price: € 130

Facial Masque aux Acides de Fruits

Fruit acid peeling and regeneration treatment for dull and exhausted skin, for smoothing and refining the complexion.
Treatment duration: 50 min.      Price: € 130

Triple Lift

Intensive anti-aging treatment: filling and lifting with two boosters, firming and definition of facial contours with the Remodeling Face technology.
Treatment duration: 90 min.      Price: € 300

Additional Treatments

Remodeling Face

An expanding bioelectronic treatment with three types of current and radio frequency waves, for regeneration and tightening of the face, neck and décolleté.
Treatment duration: 30 min.         Price: € 45

Cold Mask

This treatment can be combined well with existing facials. This mask has a calming effect on your skin. The mask has a soothing and cooling effect on your skin.
Price: € 35

Masque au Collagene Caviar

A biomatrix made from high-quality collagen that adapts to your face like a second skin. This moisturizing luxury care has a smoothing and calming effect on demanding skin.
Treatment duration: 30 min.         Price: € 55

Further Treatments

Facial cleansing

A long-used method for deep skin cleansing. Even a single manual application can remove impurities and comedones up to 100%.
Treatment duration: 60 min.     Price: € 120

Buccal Massage

The Buccal Massage is a novel anti-aging method for your face – developed by Joëlle Ciocco, a French cosmetologist and biochemist. This manual massage technique is the deepest massage among the existing treatment methods.
The lifting effect is achieved by increasing the muscle tone on the face. The Buccal Massage is carried out on the inside of the oral cavity (only with gloves). This is how the large facial muscles that shape the facial contour and cheeks are treated.
Results are already visible after the first treatment and are consolidated after 5-6 applications: raising of labial angle, repositioning the cheeks and facial contours, smoothing the nasolabial folds, treating ptosis, radiant and fresh complexion.
Treatment duration: 30 min.     Price: € 130
Treatment duration: 60 min.     Price: € 160

Chiro Massage

Natural changes in the biochemical processes through redistribution of fluids in the facial tissue. This technique can be used to replace myostimulation and other surgical measures.
It is recommended to have this massage performed regularly and to start at a young age. The ideal treatment includes two massage cycles per year, each with 10-15 treatments. From the age of 35, three cycles per year are recommended in order to achieve a long-lasting effect.
Treatment duration: 60 min.     Price: € 135

Korugi Massage

Unique technique for remodeling the face through targeted pressure on the periosteum, including lymphatic drainage and Biologique Recherche Pigm400 mask, which leads to an incomparable anti-aging effect.
A completely new approach to the aesthetic, non-invasive correction of age-related changes. This type of facial is very popular not only in its home country of Korea, but also abroad. The method consists of the targeted application of pressure on the periosteum of the face through the superficial tissue, including lymphatic drainage, which leads to clear anti-aging effect and lifting of the SMAS on the face. The Korugi method improves the innervation of the cranial and facial nerves and thereby increases blood circulation and supply of brain activity. In addition, Korugi sees itself as an osteoporosis prophylaxis for the facial bones, which is one of the main causes of age-related changes in the facial skeleton causing changes in the surface structures of the face.
Treatment duration: 60 min.    Price: € 145