High tech treatments

High tech treatments

State-of-the-art devices allow us to carry out cosmetic treatments faster and more efficiently.
Let your face and body appear in new splendor – results are visible immediately after the treatments.

VIP Line Plus

This unique treatment gives you the luxury body you have always dreamed of – without any exercise or dieting. Electro muscle stimulation (EMS) activates deep layers of muscle tissue. Improvement of muscle tone, skin tightening and reduction of cellulite.
A size reduction can already be measured after the first treatment. Thanks to the highly developed technology, VIP Line Plus is suitable for all body regions. This is a non-invasive treatment for cosmetic corrections, padding, size reduction and much more.
Treatment duration: 30 min. Price: € 60
Treatment duration: 30 min. Price: € 110

Micro-Puncture Lab

This treatment causes a self-induced inflammatory reaction to activate the skin’s regeneration process and improve the quality of the epidermis. The regeneration is accelerated by means of selected biological active substances. The effect is immediately visible after the first treatment.      MORE
Treatment duration: 60 min.    Price: € 210

Ultraformer 3

A unique device for non-invasive skin tightening and contouring for the face, neck and body. Using high-intensity micro and macro-focused ultrasound (MMFU), thermocoagulation zones are created and cause contraction of the tissue without directly affecting the epidermis or perforating it.  MORE

Complete face Price: € 780
Face & lower chin Price: € 900
Face & Neck Price: € 1100
Forehead Price: € 260
Eye area Price: € 290
Nasolabial folds Price: € 190
Lower half of the face Price: € 540
Lower chin Price: € 300
Neck Price: € 460
Décolleté Price: € 540



Hydrafacial is a unique hydra dermabrasion treatment that combines cleaning, exfoliation, hydration and antioxidant protection at the same time, resulting in a clear and beautiful complexion with little or no downtime. Additional light therapy and lymphatic drainage complete the treatment result. The treatment should be repeated every month so that you can enjoy a permanently improved complexion.  MORE
HydraFacial® Bronze
The ultimate boost for your complexion. Cleansing and gentle peeling remove blemishes. Regenerating antioxidants and moisturizing hyaluronic acid are applied and completed with Cold Mask and day care.
Treatment duration: 60 min.     Price: € 138
HydraFacial® Silber
A non-invasive and intensively regenerating treatment that works directly against fine lines, impurities and wrinkles. Pigment spots are balanced, the pores are reduced and an even complexion is achieved. This treatment is particularly recommended for skin prone to acne.
Treatment duration: 60 min.      Price: € 155
(with visible facial cleansing)
HydraFacial® Gold
A unique intensive care for face, neck and décolleté. The lymphatic drainage on the face accelerates the removal of lymphatic congestion and waste products, an anti-aging boost refines your complexion.
Treatment duration: 90 min.      Price: € 199

LPG Alliance

Fitness program for your skin! The mechanical stimulation of the cells, the so-called endermologie®, enables the stimulation of cell activity in a natural way, without pain.

Treatment of all problem areas possible – reduction of fat deposits, smoothing of cellulite and tightening of the skin.
One-off suit:            Price: € 30
One-time treatment:
50 min.                          Price: € 95
Block of 5:
50 min.     5 x € 90        Price: € 450
Block of 10:
50 min.     10 x € 80      Price: € 800
Block of 15:
50 min.     15 x € 79      Price: € 1185
Block of 20 + 1 free:
50 min.     21 x € 75      Price: € 1575
Block of 5:
75 min.     5 x € 120      Price: € 600


Endosphères therapy is a unique non-invasive treatment in the field of silhouette correction. Elimination of cellulite in all stages is possible as well as circumference reduction by 1-2 clothing sizes. Vibration and compression result in deep drainage, which improve microcirculation and stimulate blood circulation.     MORE
One-time treatment:
50 min.         Price: € 115
Block of 10:
50 min.        Price: € 820
Block of 10 whole body:
75 min.         Price: € 950

Diode laser

The high-performance diode laser represents the most modern technology for permanent hair removal. The best technology that everyone trusts: it is efficient, reliable, safe and suitable for all skin types. MORE
Please shave the night before! Waxing is not allowed 3 weeks before treatment.

Upper lip Price: € 40
Chin Price: € 45
Cheek Price: € 55
Upper lip and chin……… Price: € 65
Upper lip + chin + cheek Price: €105
Complete face Price: €115


Arms & Hands
Complete arms………….. Price: €110
Armpits Price: € 65
Upper arm Price: €120
Forearms Price: € 70
Hands Price: € 60


Upper Body
Neck Price: € 70
Shoulders Price: € 125
Chest Price: € 140
Abdomen Price: € 130
Back Price: € 255
Back & Shoulders Price: € 340
Chest & abdomen……… Price: € 250


Lower Body
Bikini area Price: € 65
Buttocks Price: € 75
Complete intimate area Price: € 120
Thighs Price: € 120
Lower leg Price: € 120
Complete legs Price: € 219


Special offer:
Lower leg +
complete intimate area +
armpits €275
Complete body:
Complete legs +
complete intimate area +
Battycrease + armpits + arms
complete + upper lip and chin €610


Stellar M22™ IPL

Stellar M22™ IPL  MORE
Photorejuvenation – gentle skin rejuvenation

Younger and radiant skin through IPL technology. Light energy converted into heat stimulates the production of collagen and healthy tissue. It stimulates the natural rejuvenation process without damaging the epidermis. Noticeably firmer facial contours and smooth, youthful skin after just a few treatments.
Price: 220
Treatment of pigmentation disorders
Stellar M22™ enables the individual treatment of various pigment disorders such as hyperpigmentation (chloasma, melasma) and freckles. Selected nozzles and filters focus the light beam on the melanin so that a maximum of light energy is absorbed by the affected skin area. The selective heating causes damaged tissue to be detached and replaced by healthy cells.
Price: € 190
Treatment of rosacea and couperose
For an effective and painless treatment, the affected areas are treated with controlled light pulses. Oxygen-poor, dark areas of the blood vessels absorb the light impulses, this causes blood clotting and vascular occlusion. The affected vessels necrotize and are naturally broken down by the body.

Depending on the size and degree of the affected skin area, different numbers of treatments are necessary. The first results are already visible after the second session.
Price: € 160
Acne treatment
Acne usually affects thicker layers of skin and / or layers with the most sebum follicles. These areas include the face, the upper part of the chest, and the back. This treatment uses seven different wavelengths and special acne filters, with which acne scars and different types of acne can be successfully treated.

Follow-up care and further treatments are recommended after one to three weeks.
Price: € 160